Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Taking temperature of CFMX

As we know CFMX runs on top of J2EE(Java Virtual Machine). How do I find out how hot the coffee is boiling? Well, easy enough: ColdFusion Memory Usage Stats
Quick sample:

<cfset runtime = CreateObject("java","java.lang.Runtime").getRuntime()>
<cfset freeMemory = runtime.freeMemory() / 1024 / 1024>
<cfset totalMemory = runtime.totalMemory() / 1024 / 1024>
<cfset maxMemory = runtime.maxMemory() / 1024 / 1024>

Free Allocated Memory: #Round(freeMemory)#mb
Total Memory Allocated: #Round(totalMemory)#mb
Max Memory Available to JVM: #Round(maxMemory)#mb

UPDATE: This is a repost of ColdFusion Memory Usage Stats, thank you Freitag for pointing it out.


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