Friday, July 30, 2004

cfspring, seriously

I really miss ColdFusion! After two months in between jobs and now I'm in a Java solution shop. How I wish the Java world could provide something close to ColdFusion on front-end development like Mach-II. Mach-II is still the best MVC framework that I've known of, especially the way it handles composite views by making one view as variable in the other. Tiles is still far behind in that sense.

I've come to know Spring in my new job here. It's a very powerful framework which consists of MVC, transaction management, ORM(object/relation mapping), and most of all, all the core components are loosely coupled, for example, you can switch MVC framework to Struts , even Java port of Mach-II(is it available now?), if you're more familiar with any of them than SpringMVC. You can do the same on persistence layer, i.e., switching between Hibernate, iBATIS, or any other ORM in the future. This is really cool! Any chance of seeing cfspring the road ahead?
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