Friday, March 12, 2004

JavaScript Remote Scripting (JSRS) on CFMX

It's been two years now (first public version was dated in January, 2002. Time runs fast indeed.) since we started to implement remoting with JSRS in our application. The server ports have grown from ASP to many others: ASP.NET, ColdFusion, PerlCGI, PHP, Python, and JSP (servlet). Note that etec was the first to provide the port to ColdFusion 5. Now another port of JSRS to CFMX: JSRS CFC.

I haven't tried out the CFC myself, I'll assume it's a more ideal solution with CFC as compared to strict CF5 functions by persisting the CFC to application scope.

Personally, I prefer Gateway JSAPI since it provides better data structure handling. You may try the qforms with gateway tags that I developed with samples provided here.


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